We all find ourselves confused on this journey of self identity. It’s very
easy to fall into a dark and lonely place when you are trying to find
who you are. I know I did.

The truth is, there’s a genuine sense of beauty within you… within all of us.

The weird things that make us different shouldn’t be hidden, but
rather be amplified.

Often, we feel alone when we look different, act different, and think different. 


Not being the same as others isn’t a weakness… it’s a strength!

You may not know who you are right now, but at least you’re nothing like them. And that’s something to smile about. :)


The goal of NotYou is to let individuals know that They’re Not Alone… Just Not the Same! 

NotYou encourages you to have the courage to stray away from the norm.

We are all on this ever-going attempt to depict the intense emotions
associated with finding ourselves. There’s beauty in this journey.

You’re Not Alone, Just Not the Same.

Bates Green, Owner and Founder of NotYou